If you haven't taught much and don't have a collection of course materials from which you can choose, provide a list of three to five courses you anticipate teaching with a brief paragraph of each describing the nature of the course, your objectives for student learning, and perhaps some of the readings or assignments you would use. Don't worry about being too exact or stress over whether you'd actually teach the course the way you described. You won't be held to these descriptions. The goal is to convey your overall approach to teaching and the processes you'd use to design an intro course or a seminar in your discipline.

Simply put, your teaching statement is a concise description no more than a page of the central ideas behind your teaching. When writing your teaching statement, make clear why, how, and what you teach. It should be one to two pages in length. It is not an article on teaching and learning but rather a statement that describes your teaching experiences and explains your teaching practices.

Keep in mind potential readers and the questions they're likely to have as they read your statement. Here are four components of your teaching that you'll want to address in your teaching statement:.

Most institutions will request some "evidence of effective teaching" as part of the application package. Although there are numerous ways you can document effective teaching, end-of-semester student evaluations are the most common source. When selecting, organizing, and presenting your student evaluations, synthesize the numeric quantitative. Again, the goal is to connect the "evidence" to the claims you've made about your teaching.

A matrix format is an efficient way to represent your student evaluations for one course over several semesters in most cases, there's no need to go beyond 5 years. Describe the scale i.

Definition, Purposes, and Form

An award-winning educational blogger, Vicki Davis aims to empower students and teachers to use technology to connect with the world. She is a Google-Certified teacher and speaks around the world on the use of technology in the classroom. Her Cool Cat blog is more than 12 years old and one of the Best Teacher Blogs for most of those years. Her homepage is updated practically every second, so visitors will always find something new and relevant. The personal touch at the end includes a little information about her family life, children and pets.

This is a very good touch for any teacher portfolio. The founder and director of the Learning Revolution Project, Steve Hargadon also chairs or co-chairs several pioneering world-wide virtual events for teachers. A firm believer that schooling should not get in the way of education, he provides information and inspiration at virtual and physical events to more than , members.

The website also showcases other educators in a variety of fields, which is a good move, because it means visitors can regularly come back to get the latest updates in their field.

How to Organize Your Teaching Portfolio

He is a leader in school technology and speaks all over the country on innovative education. This portfolio is provocative, inviting visitors to learn something new that may not be mainstream, but appears to be effective. Whether your portfolio is also an e-commerce site, a portal to book you for consultations, or simply a CV for potential employers, there are five items it must have:. You will need to consider if you can afford a personal website, or if you have access to a university website.

The three main options are:. It can be a PDF file that you send to prospective employers, or it can be a hard copy. A PDF document also retains formatting, so you can be sure the potential employer is seeing all your carefully chosen fonts and well-placed photographs or graphics.

Here are five examples, each with a different style of teaching portfolio. There is no one-size-fits-all design, but there are certain features they all need to have, which I will explain after the examples.

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A good teaching portfolio needs to be user-friendly. It needs to highlight your teaching philosophy, because that tells more about you than your CV. Your resume will give the facts about your background, skills and career objectives. Your degrees, awards and certificates can be listed in a timeline. Give one or two examples of real plans, classes or lessons you have given. Finally, include three letters of recommendation from prominent people in your area, either a professor or mentor, a parent of a student, or the principal of a school where you taught. If you prefer a hard copy, it needs to look professional with a hard cover, good graphics, and easy-to-read, well-formatted pages.

Since there is no clickable menu in a hard copy, a table of contents is essential, so the employer can go to any section at a glance. This may include a cover letter, letters of recommendation, teaching philosophy, certificates, test scores, and your transcripts. If you are attending an interview in person, a hard copy has an advantage, because you can use it to support whatever information you give.

The Teaching Portfolio

Each of these examples is a winner of the Gold Teaching Portfolio Award, even though some of them are vastly different from the others. I would be truly honored if the authors of these portfolios placed this badge on their websites. All you need to do is just copy and paste this code in an HTML editor:. Before you begin, you should decide how you want to present yourself, then make a list of all the important points that support who you are as an educator.

Finally, select colors, fonts and graphics that are unique and easy on the eye. You can even get ideas online. Appearance is important. Creating a teacher portfolio is one of the few times in life you can wax eloquent about yourself for a good purpose. I know a CV is no longer considered enough for teaching job applications because it just covers the facts, and I need a platform for my teaching philosophy. I believe you are something of an expert on the subject. Could you post some beautifully designed sample teaching portfolios in pdf format that you consider of high quality and would help a novice like me create my own style?

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Skip to content About. How you view education defines your work ethic and motivation.

checkout.midtrans.com/mujeres-buscando-hombres-en-rotgl-y-corbera.php A resume is important to tell visitors about your background, skills, and career objectives. It contains your education and job experience. Some of the resumes above are very impressive and some are simple, but all of them show dedication to teaching. For example, you may have won an award for your podcast or as Best Middle School Science Teacher in your state. A few genuine examples of planning materials are essential.

They may also be useful for other teachers. At least three letters of recommendation tell visitors to your website what others think about your work. If they are from prominent people, so much the better. For example, an "About" page or drop-down menu that includes a resume, published articles, and contact information is a must. If you have a skill set that may help you stand out from the crowd, such as the ability to work with specific technology or assessment programs, you should include another page in your navigation menu to showcase those skills.

Websites can also help employers, students, and parents understand your professional potential through reflections and resource sharing. Teachers can easily create a website through Weebly or Google Sites.