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Includes: Using a keyboard Using a mouse Using a touchscreen. Includes: Using the internet Using online forms Using email. Includes: Introduction to office programs Creating documents Creating spreadsheets.

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Includes: Online shopping Socialising online Using Facebook. Includes: Keeping your device safe Being safe online Keeping your personal data safe. Includes: Online and mobile banking Make money work. Includes: Using public services online Universal Credit: a how to guide. With their collected records you can find someone's current and past address, associates, and family members.

The site gives out free information such as full name, city, state, age, and possible relatives. Additional details such as phone and address are often available but require that the user pay a fee.

Below are different methods of finding someone using Google. Search for the person using their name. Below are different examples of how this could be done. If a user has a common name such as the example below adding the state, area code, etc.

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Pull up a person's name and address using a phone number by typing a search similar to the example below. Finally, searching popular social networking sites, such as MySpace, is another quick method of locating someone using Google.

For example, if you were wanting to find your high school classmates, you could type a search similar to the example below. In the above example, the "site:www. All keywords used after this are what are being searched. In this case, "" is the graduation year and "West Jordan" is the high school name.

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This is a very basic example, and would require that the person you're looking has a MySpace page. There are dozens of other sites that allow users to find people using public records.

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If you're not ale to find someone using the above sites, you can search Google for other sites. Home Help Internet Internet Help. How can I find people online?