How Does the Formula Work?

If we were looking to identify the first word in the string, we could use a basic FIND function. The syntax for FIND is as follows:.

Assuming our string is in cell A1 , the FIND function that locates the first space in the sentence is as follows:. The function returns 4.


To get the first word in the sentence, we can use a LEFT function. The syntax for the LEFT function is as follows:. It returns The.

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But what if we want the last word in the sentence? For that, we need to reverse the FIND function….

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Thank you for the excellent sample and explanation. Was able to easily change to fit my requirements. Thank you Andrew!!! To clarify the value of i above: inStrRev finds the first space from the end of the string going right to left , but i returns the position of the space counting from the beginning of the string left to right. To see the value of i, enter the MsgBox line:. Also, functions do not have to be global via Personal. No need to use VBA… use this formula to get the same thing… position of first space from right of a string in cell A1….

Searching text in Excel is another common task that can easily be accomplished using string functions.

Search For Text in Excel

It returns the position of the substring within the given string, so that you can tell how far into your input the item you're searching for occurs. That's a little bit complicated at first glance, so let's break down the formula and then take a look at a couple of examples.

How to find exact word in a string in Excel?

In the above example, Excel looks for the substring "is" within the larger string "Where is the hidden text? Therefore, the function returns the number 7.

If a Cell Contains a Certain Text Then Put a Specified Text in Another Cell

In this case, the function returns 5 , because the letter "c" appears as the fifth characters of the phrase, "Abracadabra! Here's an example:. The above function returns 1 , because the phrase "abra" appears at the beginning of "Abracadabra". So, it's really only searching within the phrase, "bracadabra".

How to extract substring of a certain length

It returns the number 8 , because the phrase "abra" is found eight spaces in to the original input phrase, "Abracadabra" , when starting the search at the second character. What happens if the phrase or letter you're searching for occurs multiple times within the string you're searching? Excel returns the position of the first occurence of your search phrase. Take, for example, the following formula:. In this case, the formula returns the number 3 , because the first time the phrase "ss" appears in the word "Mississippi" starts at the third character. Take, for example, the following:.