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Therefore, as far as the NCAA is concerned, it's the Peoria, as this area's namesake tribe, who hold Chief Illiniwek's fate in their hands. That set off a constant, relentless lobbying effort a land grab? Perhaps they didn't know any of that history when they set out on their mission. But when they arrived to discuss Illiniwek, the Peoria were prepared.

Instead of endorsing Chief Illiniwek, the Peoria responded by releasing the tribe's most absolute and damning statement ever regarding Chief Illiniwek.

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It reads in part: "The image portrayed by Chief Illiniwek does not It continues, "The Peoria Tribe of Indians does not endorse or sanction Chief Iliniwek as mascot for the University of Illinois, nor do they have any future plans to rescind the tribal resolution" — and then, just to twist the knife a little deeper — "which was approved by a unanimous vote. And so the trustees were sent back home, the door being slammed shut and locked behind them. As far as the Peoria are concerned, discussions about Chief Illiniwek are over, for good. What that means in Champaign is that any further debate about a future for the Chief is pointless and irrelevant.

So are the opinions of the Honor the Chiefs, Save the Chiefs, Students for the Chiefs and the Councils of Chiefs, along with, especially, the local self-appointed native spokesmen, who always claim some vague and undocumented American Indian heritage, usually Cherokee the REAL Cherokees of Oklahoma actually oppose mascots and the Chief.

Just more paper. The only opinion that counts is the Peoria, and they've made their final statement. So, if Chief lovers want to hold a mock pow-wow outside the football stadium between the cornhole and the kegs, have at it. And if it makes Illini fans happy to keep throwing money at the Honor the Chief Society, then go ahead.

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I'm sure they're happy to take it. But it won't make a bit of difference. If you want proof, just ask King and McMillan. They have Chief Illiniwek's death certificate, delivered to them courtesy of the Peoria. Toggle navigation. Listen to this article. NG Features. About 30 percent of them are referred for investigations.

Mautino found the hotline is unable to take calls as they are received, resulting in a high rate of callbacks to people reporting child abuse or neglect. The department also does not maintain any records of callback information electronically for more than 90 days, making long-term analysis of callback data difficult, he said. Mautino also found the department did not always follow procedures when conducting investigations. Mautino said investigators inaccurately rated the level of intervention needed in In Mautino issued a list of 13 reform recommendations, including improving data recording, adhering to the B.

H Consent Decree on worker caseloads, and working to more closely follow its own procedures. All of us are sad and angry to see this string of tragedies. We must act. Senate Bill seeks to demand higher-level reviews of cases involving non-school age children, and also bans incentives encouraging caseworkers to reunite families, even if doing so places the child at risk.

His body was found in a shallow grave nine days after police said he was beaten to death, and a week after his parents reported him missing. His parents, Andrew Freund, Sr. We started in the teens this morning!

Illinois Biographies

Search for: Search. Murdered 8-year-old Normal girl was afraid to go home, watchdog says. Unmute Play. Baker then reportedly moved both Rountree and her own daughter to another school. Baker is due in court again for a status hearing on May Problems continue with child welfare agency; solutions in sight The Rountree case in Normal is one of child deaths in cases involving DCFS reported in the first nine months of fiscal year Tim Shelley. More News. US mulling sanctions against Serbia over Russia arms deals. Navy employee gets 40 years in prison for child pornography.

Teacher accused of sex offenses found dead near shot husband. Bundle Up!

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November 8, Connect with 25 News. Facebook Envelope Twitter. Top Stories. Bloomington police are looking for two suspects after a high dollar spectacle. Newly obtained cell phone video appears to show fight that led to arrest of Peoria County board member. Red Cross honors Crabtree, Normal West bus crash survivors.