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Case filed November 23, We were the first to publish this often-overlooked resource online. Case filed April 17, Read More New Jersey Death Index, Why should these records be available if you're onsite at the state archives, but not available on the Internet? See more of our presentations, slides, videos, and webinars. Nothing gets under the skin of government bureaucracy or large-scale genealogy corporations quite like Reclaim the Records, a group of genealogists-turned-activists who file Freedom of Information and Open Data requests to make government records published… Their dedication and endurance in filing lawsuits and cutting through red tape benefits us all.

Most researchers in genealogy are not professionals; they are simply the curious family members, the designated relatives for keeping the family history. Take our Records Survey and tell us about them! Me: I read you loud and clear. Our EIN is We Want Our Records Back. And we get them! More than twenty five million records reclaimed to date. Help us reclaim even more. Recent Records Requests State All. Read More.

How to Get a Copy of a Birth Certificate

Index to Deaths in Albany, New York, Corruption's such an old song that we can sing along in harmony, And nowhere is it stronger than in Albany. New Jersey Marriage Index, We acquired and published the first-ever data set of everyone married in the Garden State. Legal wrangling, but no litigation needed! Index to New York State Deaths Outside of New York City , It took us seventeen months of fighting with the government just to get a list of the names of dead people. Index to Deaths in Buffalo, New York, These records were sitting on a hard drive in a city government's Inactive Records Center, not online for public use.

All records online minus Queens images.

Index to Deaths in Yonkers, New York, c. New Jersey Death Index, Why should these records be available if you're onsite at the state archives, but not available on the Internet? New Jersey Birth, Marriage, and Death Indices, and We acquired and published the first public twentieth century vital records indices for New Jersey. Lectures and Presentations. Awards and Recognition. Get the latest news! Please choose one. Catch up on your reading. ReclaimTheRecs on Twitter.

This day 97 years ago — 30 June — centuries' worth of Irish documentation was lost when the Public Record Office in the Four Courts was blown up in a battle between pro- and anti-Treaty forces. Be our friend on Facebook. The marriage department, although it appears separate, is technically part of Probate Court in Ohio.

Ohio Public Records

Originals to volume are at Cuyahoga County Archives. You can search by last name only, or first and last name. The last name field must contain at least two letters. If you wish to limit your search to females or males only, click on "party role" and choose bride or groom. Under "case category" choose Marriage. When the results appear, you will have to click on each name to see more information about who that person married and the date.

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Disregard any dates that you see before , as all records before appear to have the same date of , and thus the date is not helpful or correct. However, the dates of marriage after are correct. Go to "Marriage Index Years" below. Copies of marriage for Volumes are at the Cuyahoga County Archives.

Wendy Blitzer-Barkett receives her birth records

Email them at archive cuyahogacounty. There is no charge for a small numbers of copies. There is one microfiche viewer for the marriage indexes one by husband's name and the other by wife's name. Uncertified long form copies are 25 cents each. They do not accept checks so send a money order or go in person and pay cash. Include a SASE if ordering by mail. Once you have the marriage record, you will see the name of the Pastor that performed the ceremony.

Go to "Cleveland Pastors and their Churches" to look up the pastor's name and see at which church he served. Fairview Park Library has microfilm of marriages for Volume They improved after the law, but were still a bit inconsistent. The Probate Court was mandated to keep these records. In addition, in Cuyahoga County, the City of Cleveland kept records from to On 20 December the Department of Vital Statistics of the Health Department was mandated to keep death certificates. These are created in the health department of the jurisdiction where the death occurred. There are several departments in Cuyahoga County, but many have now consolidated with the City of Cleveland.

Copies of the local certificates were made and submitted to the Ohio Department of Health.


Those created from to were sent to the Ohio Historical Society. Stillborn death certificates are separate from regular death certificates and at one point were combined with the birth certificates. Others have no birth certificate. Separate stillborn death certificates are available from December 20, to and Vital Records. BIRTHS Ohio birth records were mandated several times in history but the law was not enforced, and spotty records resulted until when records were required to be kept by the clerk of Probate Court.

Obtaining both City and County Probate records is a good idea. Deaths December 20, - Current Death certificates are available from the Health Department where they were created, or from the Ohio Department of Health. For cost and procedure, it is similar to birth certificates. Ordering information and an order form is on the website as well.

State that you want an uncertified copy. Uncertified copies are no longer available. Provide them with the name of the deceased, county of death and approximate or exact date of death. This is also on Ancestry. No images are available but it is a good second opinion index. Additionally they newly added the microfilm of stillbirths mid and The coroner is responsible for determining cause of death of those who died without medical care or under suspicious or unknown circumstances. More information is on the page for Coroner Records elsewhere on this site.